February Love & Kindness Challenge!


We could all use some more love and kindness in the world, especially now.  The Round the World Writers are encouraging you to spend each day in February thinking about something important to you and maybe even doing a random act of kindness! The real goal is to get you talking and being kind to people in REAL LIFE, but we are writers, so we want to see your stories, too! Share your love on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #RWWLove

Are you ready for the challenge?  Commit to love and kindness by leaving a comment!

1 Love wins:  Tweet or post to tell someone (NOT a relative) that you love them!
2 Groundhog Day — A great movie! What is your favorite “cult classic”?
3 National “wear red for heart” day – What is your favorite red thing?
4 Write a  short love poem for someone. Could be a haiku for your sister or a limerick for your hair stylist — just write!
5 Super Bowl Sunday! Will you watch? What sport do you love?
6 Write a Yelp review for a restaurant you love.  Tweet/post the link!
7 Love the earth! Do something today to reduce your carbon footprint– take the stairs, walk, or just turn off the tv!
8 Love your body!! Post a picture of yourself so we can tell you how beautiful you are!
9 Throwback Thursday! Love babies! Post a picture of your baby or of you as a baby!
10 Love Winter! What’s your favorite thing about winter? (“When it’s over” is an acceptable answer…)
11 Random act of kindness: Pay for a stranger’s coffee, meal, etc.
12 Love your parents:  Shout out to your mom, dad or another parental figure!
13 Love animals! Post a pic of your pet or favorite animal! We could all use the cuteness!
14 Valentine’s Day: Write and send/give a Valentine to someone who will least expect it.
15 Susan B. Anthony’s Birthday:  Love a woman! Post about a strong woman in your life whom you love or admire.
16 Random act of Kindness:  Give someone a book. It can be one of yours or a cheap book from a thrift store, or a new copy of something you know someone would love. Tweet with the name of the book!
17 Love your co-workers! Tell someone you work with that you appreciate them and/or give them a shout-out on social media.
18 Kindness Friday: Give someone a compliment today!
19 Love helping! If you were a celebrity playing for money on a game show, what charity would you play for?
20 President’s Day:  What president do you love or admire?
21 Love Authors: Write a book review for a book you love!
22 Love a friend: Who is a childhood or adult friend you wish you could sit down with for coffee today?
23 Love a neighbor: What do you like about one of your neighbors?
24 Love an enemy: Ok, we’re on “expert level” of this challenge now: Think of a person or political party you disagree with and say one sincere thing you like about it/them.
25 Random act of Kindness:  Fill out a “comment card” at a restaurant (in person or online) to praise recent service.
26 Love your body, part 2!  Try a new healthy food today! Quinoa? Kale? Acai berries? Post about it!
27 Love your teacher! Tell a former teacher you love them and/or post about why they were important to you!
28 Mardi Gras – Do you love parades? What’s your favorite?

Submissiphobia: Writing A Book Review

Welcome back, blog readers!

I promised you in my last guest post that I would say a bit more about writing book reviews. To recap, a book review has three main purposes:

  1. to persuade (or dissuade) a potential reader,
  2. to help out an author you like, and,
  3. to provide an opportunity for reflection and writing practice, particularly for those of us who are writers ourselves.

Obviously there are lots of different formats:  a quick browse through reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and even the New York Times will show anything from a quick two line gush about how much someone loved a book to a critical analysis resembling a term paper. If you’d like to go beyond the two-line review,  you might think about some of the following points:

  • Who would be the best audience for this book?
  • What was the language like?
  • Did anything about this book surprise or disappoint you?
  • If there are illustrations (esp. for picture books) how do they complement the writing?

When I was in graduate school, professors frequently talked about the “triad” of literary connections…


To read the rest of Melanie Kyer’s post to Caffeine Addled Ramblings, click here.


Based on the coast of Maine in the USA, Melanie is a picture book writer, a poet, a German teacher AND the mother of two young boys. She reviews picture books and talks about writing on her blog Schreibenfreude. You can also follow her on Twitter!

Welcome Writers!

Hello fellow writers!

It’s so great to be able to welcome you all to Round The World Writers, a group set up by writers, for writers, to help writers achieve their dreams! It doesn’t matter where on the ladder you are, our arms are wide open to each and every one of you.

* * *

We’re spread across three platforms, each one fulfilling a different task:

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The Facebook group gives you access to competitions, one on one advice and it just so happens to be a brilliant place to network and have a chat with other people in the industry.

The Twitter Page

The Twitter page is all about keeping you up to date on new events and live tweeting Google Hangouts with agents and other industry professionals for those who aren’t able to make the event.

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So, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and, more than anything, HAVE FUN!

Can’t wait to virtually meet you all!

Gurpreet, Heidi and Melanie